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Fuels - Oil, Diesel and Lubricants

We supply home heating oil, red diesel and road diesel, along with Castrol, Total and Race lubricants.

Home Heating Oil

Kerosene Home heating oil Standard heating oil, commonly used to fire oil boilers. Also known as 28 second oil.
Cleaner Burn Heating oil for use with Agas / Rayburns This is a higher grade of kerosene, with an additive that lowers the char value. This reduces the build up of carbon deposits and soot, which can otherwise cause Aga servicing problems. The long term benefits include reduced servicing problems and costs.

Similar to Topanol and Cooker Care.
GloBurn An upgraded kerosene Kerosene with an additive that stabilises the fuel, keeping it fresher for longer. This can reduce service problems and improve system efficiency. Benefits also include prevention of sludge build up, and a mild vanilla fragrance.

Similar to Econotherm and Glomax.

Agricultural Fuel (Gas Oil / Red Diesel)

We supply gas oil (red diesel), also known as 35 second oil, often used to power agricultural machinery. Our farming customers appreciate our service, often reaching them at short notice when their supplies have run dry and time is critial.

Road Diesel (Derv)

We supply white road diesel (DERV), mainly to commercial customers who fill their lorries from their own secure fuel tanks.


We supply AdBlue in 205 litre barrels, 1000 litre IBCs or 25 litre containers. You can also fill your own containers from our pump in the yard.


Castrol We can supply most Castrol products, for example Super Universal 15W/30 Engine Oil and ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil, in 20 litre containers or 208 litre barrels.
Total We can supply many Total products, for example Super Universal 15W/30 Engine Oil, Super Universal 10W/30 Engine Oil, ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil and ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil, in 20 litre containers or 208 litre barrels.
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Please note, our minimum order quantity is 500 litres. For smaller quantities of heating oil or red diesel, you may collect from our yard.


See our Oil Tank Security website for our range of oil tank locks and other security products.


We supply a selection of plastic and steel oil tanks, both bunded and single skin, manufactured by Titan, Deso and Mayweld.